Media Madness

Street Trucks October 2012 Issue


The long awaited cover feature of Van Go in Rod & Kulture

Drive Magazine

The July 2011 issue of Hot Rod had 6 pages
of custom vans from our CofC van show and some going back to the 70's.

Coby's Vango in 5 magazines ... and counting

The media has been a major factor in the interest in custom vans lately. We're seeing vans appearing in a number of television commercials, movies, music videos, magazines, newspapers, car manufacturers ads ... you name it.
This is all important to the survival of vanning and helps keep our numbers strong. The vanners behind have and will continue to accomodate any media inquiries for custom vans and panels around the world at no charge. Some of the people we've worked with Honda, General Motors, Truckin', DropJaw, Complex Magazine, Hot Rod, Hemmings . . .

Truckin' Issue 13, National Truckin' covergae by Superbeast, Howard and myself
Coverage of the 2010 National Truck-In
done by Superbeast, Howard and Doug