When I heard that Super Somer was coming to an end I knew that I had to fit it into my schedule. This was the 15th year that my friends from Altruk Vanners had hosted this event. Taking over from the original Boogie Bash event that ran for 24 years, possibly at the same grounds all along.
I arrived Friday afternoon and camped out with Johnny O and Val like I had a previous time 4 years ago. Their hospitality is unmatched. It was like a family reunion being at this event, as I hadn't seen most of the vanners there since the 2014 Nationals in Greenwich N.Y. Friday I left the camera in the bag and went from campsite to campsite renewing acquaintances.
I was up early Saturday, snapped some shots. Then ran into town for my usual breakfast of champions before a big picture day, at Mcdonalds. One of the reasons being, it's a reliable place for WIFI to report in on Facebook and Instagram. Once I got back it was time to start snappin' hundreds of pictures on a gorgeous sunny and very steamy day. One of the highlights of the show for me was seeing Connections again. Rooster did a fabulous job restoring the extensive woodwork inside and out on this iconic van that belonged to Roger, who passed away 16 years ago just before the final Boogie Bash. He had been in the original host club that put on Boogie Bash. I met Roger at the 25th National Truck-In. He was larger than life and one of the main characters in creating an amazing bond between the New England vanners and the Québec vanners where I was originally from. I've mentioned this before but getting in with these vanners was a huge factor in my getting back into vanning after being away for close to 15 years.
It was a great show n shine, it keeps amazing me to see "new" vans at most events that have seemed to have been kept in time capsules. Mike won a well deserved Best of Show award with Machina.
It was a great weekend seeing so many old friends once again.

Huge thanks to Pat , Alaine and all the members of Altruk for hosting one of the greatest events in vanning for all these years. Fortunately vanning will continue at the Four Towns Fairgrounds in Somers for many years to come with a new set of hosts to be announced.

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