Van Show Awards (follow this link)

Sponsors for the Van Show was the main sponsor providing the awards, calendars for all the goody bags
as well as funding the incidentals

The National Truck-In Board donated all the dash plaques for the show

Truckin' Magazine provided us with Issue 13 (Nationals) for all the goody bags as well as sme t-shirts

Vic Lafountaine donated an Econoline crossmember
More details and pictures coming on this very soon)

Utility Boards helped us with a very good price on some original Jay Cruz skateboard decks

Coby donated some VANGO t-shirts and
Church (hot rod) Magazines

Dirty Donny was gracious enough to sign a bunch of his Johnny Lightning vans

Jay Cruz of the
Vandoleros donated prints and t-shirts of his original designs

Wookee donated a 2011
VCVC calendar

The show went on regardless of up to 90% rain forecast. 67 vans were on display ranging from one of the hottest ever built to project vans. This will take a few more to round up the information on all the people to thank. We'll have a list of the winners as well as a list of all who helped make it happen.

I was told that had the weather forecast been 90% sun we could have topped 100 vans. I can't tell you how much I want to see that number happen at a van show in California in the next year or so.

Show help


Doug (Virtualvanner) Nykanen (Toronto Canada)

Brad (Lordmodelbuiler) (California)

CoC and Nats Board advisors

Howard Furtak

Tom Chronister



Howard Furtak (awards)
Dave "Our Gang Vans" (music, announcements)

Show Judges from the National Truck-In Board

Howard Furtak (Chicago)
Judith Pilon (Florida)
Greg (Coop) Cooper (Ohio)

Show logistics

Mark Crook
Baja Charlie
Connor Henderson
Dave Brickwood

Vango retrieval team

Ken Hopcraft (Ontario Canada)
Frank Costa (Rhode Island)
Howard Furtak (Chicago)
Gary P (Chicago)
Doug Nykanen (Toronto Canada)

Media coordinators

Doug Nykanen
Howard Furtak
Todd Vaillancourt
Frank Costa
Bob Bundy

Links to photo coverage

Truckin' Magazine ( Bob Ryder, Ed and Caren Sanchez were at the show)

Hot Rod Magazine (Rob Kinnan and Dave Wallace were at the show) They also have a good bunch of coverage in their July issue in their 6 pages of stories on custom vans.

Brad Lordmodelbuilder

Todd Vanmachineman & Mary (link no longer available)

Howard's Facebook shots

Turbovan's (link no longer available)

GupEboy's Facebook

Rooster and Trish's (link no longer available)

Yux' Facebook shots

Wheels of Confusion (link no longer available)


The custom van world will be descending on Southern California Feb 18-20 2011 and many before for the annual Council of Councils van convention. This event is hosted by a different group in a different city on an annual basis. The Left Coast Vanners are no strangers to hosting this event and always do a great job. I'm happy to be able to help out a bit with this event by donating funds from the 2011 calendar towards the actual event as well as sponsoring the van show that will be held on Saturday Feb 19th. The California van scene is red hot right now with new clubs forming whose members were not even born when the van craze swept through. One of these clubs the Van Creeps had a recent show in Costa Mesa Ca. with 40 vans. Hot rodders have also taken to vans and have created some amazing game changing vans that we have seen at the 2010 Sema and will be seeing at the upcoming Grand National Roadster Show.
The van show is open free to the entrants, you don't need a full blown show van to enter bring your custom van down to the show park it and hang out. All the van owners who do show up with their vans will be given a dash plaque, a goodie bag, be eligible for door prizes as well as awards. This event will also be free admission to the public. We're inviting Truckin', Dice, Street Trucks, Hot Rod, Church and other magazines to the event and the response is already looking very good.

We're adding some door prizes along the way. One of the first will be these 3 boards created by Jason Cruz for Utility,

The CofC van show will start at approximately 1:00 pm after the CofC meetings. A number of vanners will be attending the Donut Derelict Breakfast in Huntington Beach early Saturday morning (5:30 am to 9:00 am). This will be kind of tribute to the late Rick Finn one of the originators of that event who invited us there personally the last time we were in Anaheim. Rick came out on the Friday to our show, showed his kool 53 F100 panel and hung out with us all afternoon. Unfortunately he passed away suddenly later on that year..