2014 Showvans.com Calendar
10th and final edition

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The Calendars to date

The first calendar was published in 2004 thanks to the help from Pat from Altruk vans in Connecticut. The idea was there for a while but to be able to pull this off we needed to be able to print a good quality calendar at a reasonable price. Thanks to Pat's connections in the print industry we managed to get a great deal that would allow us to print the calendar at a very reasonable price and even make a profit that would in turn be put back into vanning. This is a non profit project involving many vanners' contributions. The profits from the calendar sales have been used to help finance van and panel related websites like Showvans.com, Paneltruck.com and Vannin.com. We've also been able to help out with events across North America including the National Truck-In, the Council of Councils and the CofC van shows. We also helped encourage vanners to get out to the indoor car shows with the Vanarama banners that were financed in part by the calendars. We've also managed to contribute and start charitable donations like the John Coldren American Cancer Society tribute.



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