Vans have sparked the interest of many amazing artists in the past few years. What's even better is that many of these artists are actually buying and building some amazing vans and in some cases setting car culture on it's head changing many peoples' minds into thinking that vans are actually cool again. Maybe it's because they aren't as big a threat as they were in the early 70's when the van movement exploded. I've been fortunate to be able to meet many of these artists and or buy some of their work.

Please try to support these artists if you can. For many theuy make their living off of their art. A reminder it's not ok to use any artwork found on the internet without permission. If you need art for flyers/bibles/websites, please ask the artists. In my dealings with them they have usually been very more than helpful and willing to work with us.

Click on the individual pictures to the left for more info on the artists.

I'm hoping to get many of these artists together once again for the 2013 Mooneyes Xmas show in Irwindale California in Dec 2013.