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2022 Showvans Calendar order info

Very happy to announce that Showvans will once again be involved with the 2022 Council of Councils in Covina Ca. Feb 23-27 2022. Full info here : 2022 CofC

Here's one of the original feature vans with updated pictures and info !

The history of vanning has never been fully documented. Up until a few years ago not many of us knew that organized
vanning as we know it began way
back in 1966.

The first van I ever saw was 50 years ago this year. Way back in 1971 I saw the George Barris Supervan. Over the years I've been fortunate to see it many times as it resided up this way for almost 2 decades. However in trying to put together a timeline on it, I've come up empty in some rather pertinent ways. Click on the image for some details of my search.

The Cornfield Cruise, one of the highlight events during the 2018 Van Nationals .

Click on the picture for some shots of this great event that was part of the 2018 Nationals.